Bernadette Petitpas

Over the years, in advisory and management roles, as well as while serving on a non-profit organization’s board, she has contributed to strategic planning, governance, organizational design and structure, as well as to organisational effectiveness, to setting up or ensuring the evolution or turnaround of the human resources function In multiple industries. Contexts have ranged  from start-up to strong growth or on the contrary to decline, from mergers and acquisitions to changing business models and either managing international assignments or setting up business units abroad. You will therefore benefit from the consultant's keen eye and the practitioner’s focus on feasibility and delivering results.

Bernadette has integrated coaching into her consulting and management activities for more than ten years. Indeed, her genuine concern for people, her interest developing potential, and her focus on making changes turn out to be stepping stones, have led her to explore different approaches to better support Individuals as well as organizations in achieving their objectives.

In 2015, she founded Polychrome, Consulting and Coaching, decided to hone her knowledge and seek professional coaching training at Erikson College International. Now a certified coach, she is a member of the International Coach Federation, a Certified Human Resources Consultant, and has been a member of GRAP Québec, a group of autonomous professional resources that share the same professional and human values.

Trilingual (English, Spanish), her many travels and her professional experience in facing the issues related to international activities, she has also developed a particular sensitivity to intercultural considerations and offers them in support of her customers facing such challenges.

Of course, depending on your needs and requirements, we will be pleased to present one or more consultants and coaches recognized in their respective fields who can help you to achieve your objectives.

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