Organisational structure - Organisational efficiency -Organisational design
Governance - Merger and acquisition - International expansion
Implementing, developing or recovery of the human resources function
Coaching and mentoring : leadership development, better management, career progression

Whether it's helping you structure your organization right from the start, setting a sound governance framework, setting or reviewing your strategies and mission, increasing operational efficiency, creating Value with and through your employees using sound human resource management practices or to increase your key players’ management and leadership skills, we can help you.


Also, we use coaching as an asset and complement to our consulting approach.



These coaching services cater to one or more members of your management team, individually or in a group, whether they are experienced or newly promoted, and aim at enabling them to develop their leadership and management skills, as well as to increase the effectiveness and cohesion of their teams.


We can offer you targeted interventions, or a support spanning over a period of several months, depending on the individual and organisational needs and requirements.


Do you have goals that are important to you, professionally or otherwise, or maybe you are not sure if you are "in the right place"? Do you need to take a step back, think things through with outside assistance to then move forward, realize yourself more, be more in tune with who and what you really are, and succeed in what really matters to you? You want to be at your best during an interview process? Are you ready to invest yourself fully in this process? If so we will be there for you, all the way.


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