Our services are two pronged: consulting and coaching. Our organization offerings include strategic issues, governance, acting and consulting in organizational effectiveness and human resource management. Individual or group coaching, management, career or other concerns can be combined with consulting interventions to maximize effectiveness, but is also offered to individuals who wish to invest in achieving objectives that are dear to them.


Because your time and resources are valuable, we offer you, as a first step, to get acquainted during a meeting that will allow you to begin to experience how our advice or coaching will help you achieve your goals, how they aim to increase efficiency, of course, but also agility, yours and that of your organization.

Consulting, governance and leadership

We can accompany you in the development of your strategic plan, to facilitate making a decision of great importance, to help you in defining your governance structure at your board level, to establish or review your missions and values, to ensure the coherence of all these initiatives and to ensure that as a whole they support the realization of your organization’s aspirations, as well as your shareholders’ and other stakeholders’ expectations.

Operational efficiency and human resources management

Want to have the right structure, the right decision-making mechanisms, the right people in the right roles? Do you want to increase the adequacy of your processes, tools, documentation and ways of doing things so that your organization is more efficient and agile? Do you want to improve your human resources management, to set up or to optimize the function's practices? We can help.

Group coaching: developping competencies and engagement

Particularly suitable in the case of shared objectives, this approach adds the benefits of co-development and allows you to strengthen the participants' support network within the organization. Topics such as team management, or the development of soft-skills or other aspects of management and leadership can be coached in this type of setting.

Individual coaching, both management and career focused

As far as individual coaching is concerned, several possibilities are available to you: management coaching, as part of an agreement between the company, the coach and the participant, or individual coaching in relations to professional aspirations (transition, reorientation or other) or to objectives of a more personal nature.

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