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Our interventions target key themes: thinking strategically, giving meaning, daring to do things differently, aligning, mobilizing, including, succeeding, developing, contributing. We will talk with you about priorities, values, governance, commitment, efficiency, behaviors, the development of people and your organization.

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Strategy and culture
Focus and inspire


Let's use strategic thinking together to help you clarify the impact you want to have, including on your community and the environment, to achieve your goals (in collaboration with Krôma conseil).


Let's ensure a strategic alignment of all your teams, projects, practices and processes, and finally resolve these issues that come up too often,  by making innovative and promising choices.

Choose the organizational culture you want and the values it conveys and see how it can help inspire your employees, customers and partners.   Focus on what sets you apart, and make your human resources management even more strategic and business-oriented



Act to transform

You don't just want to add a strategy, an acquisition, a goal, a program, a tool, a process. You want to go further, and make sure everyone is engaged and working towards the same goals.


You want to ensure alignment between organizational methods and structures, plans, speeches and actions to generate more value, and more impact, sustainably.


You are also keen to ensure that individual and collective behavior and all of the working conditions that you offer reflect your brand image, and an employer brand that contributes to your attractiveness.


You don't want simple changes, but a successful evolution or transformation.



Support for success


You see the importance of developing different forms of intelligence, including emotional and creative, to strengthen individual and organizational agility. Because it is people who are driving change.


You want to offer your leaders, managers or influencers the best  opportunities for success, because you know the impact they can have on their teams, and on your organization.

They don't need a teacher, but support, coaching, or during targeted, concrete workshops at the right time. And sometimes, teams can benefit from support to improve their synergy.


Our coaching services are also offered directly to individuals, according to their needs and aspirations.​​​

Three ways to work with us


Let's take the time to fully understand your issues and objectives and agree on a game plan

On demand

You want a short-term result, for example clarifying an issue or priorities, advice or support in a specific case, or on-demand HR services. We could offer you access to a bank of hours per week or per month, for a defined period.

On you

You want support or coaching focused on your individual objectives. We could agree on the number of meetings, their frequency and their duration, either for you or for one or more members of your team.

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